Santorini Vineyard

The vineyard of Santorini is one of the oldest in Greece with a lot of unknown varieties. The vines are not grafted on American rootstock, because phylloxera has never attacked the island.

The Beginning

Venetsanos Winery used to be a vine grower from the beginning. They knew about the local viticulture and realized high-quality wines start their journey from the land. Venetsanos family did an investment started planting new vineyards, stay focused on the unique local cultivation methods such as basket pruning, protect and provide the soil for the vine needs, use sulfur in the dust as a shield to serious grape diseases.


Today Venetsanos Winery manages 15 hectares of vineyards mostly with Assyrtiko variety. Athiri, Aidani, Platani, Mavrotragano, and Mandilaria, complete the puzzle of the other local grape indigenous varieties which are giving the space for research and development.

Venetsanos Winery

A unique winemaking experience

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